> Dancing Duo Stun The Crowd With Their Amazing, Acrobatic Routine

Dancing Duo Stun The Crowd With Their Amazing, Acrobatic Routine


If you haven’t seen this amazing performance yet, you’re in for a treat.

Prepare to be blown away by two incredibly talented dancers and acrobats — Valeriy and Yulia — performing their “Hand to Hand” act. Not only is this dance oh-so-sexy, but it’s also a stunning show of both masculine and feminine athleticism and grace. I love seeing the play and balance here between the male and female force. Isn’t it amazing what the human body is capable of?!

Set to the song “Heartbeat,” by Nneka, it’s almost like these dancers are superhuman. Yulia is tiny in comparison to her partner, but as soon as the routine reaches the one-minute mark, it’s clear she uses her size and speed to her advantage, launching herself into the Valeriy’s arms. The peformance is full of so many high jumps, jaw-dropping landings, and near-impossible leaps, I almost got dizzy just watching them! I can’t imagine how long this must have taken to rehearse.

One YouTube commenter says it best: “There are no words to explain how incredible this is. But my god it is seriously unbelievable. Some of those lifts are incomprehensible, and these guys are both fantastic dancers in their own right too. Phenomenal.”

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This act is represented by Maxima Art Agency