> Darius Rucker’s Christmas Hit Is Forcing Everyone To Look At Christmas In A Brand New Way

Darius Rucker’s Christmas Hit Is Forcing Everyone To Look At Christmas In A Brand New Way


Many times, we fail to realize, or we simply forget, what the holidays are really all about. So while we are wrapping the presents that cost an arm and a leg in some shiny papers, we should remind ourselves that buying gifts isn’t the way of showing someone how much we love them and how much we care.

This holiday season, Darius Rucker treats us with a song titled “What God Wants For Christmas” that jogs our memory about the true values of life and the true importance of the celebration.

We see people around us led by the holiday spirit rushing around to find the perfect gifts, dress in expensive clothes, prepare piles of food, and attend glorious parties, and that makes us join them and put aside the meaningful celebrations of love, kindness, and honesty.

Darius hopes his song will touch the heart of every Christian no matter where they are, and that they will all be given the opportunity to spend the holiday in the company of the people who mean the world to them.

In an interview with The Morning Call, Darius admitted “What God Wants For Christmas” is one of the songs he is the proudest of.

“Capitol [Records] has been saying for a couple of years about making a Christmas record, and so Frank Rogers and I – my producer – we got together and were talking with Frank Ramsey, who also works with us, and we were talking about the Christmas record, and we all said the same thing – that we wanted to make the most cool [sic] Christmas record. Let’s do it with some cool instrumentation and a lot of stuff can happen with the country feel, too, but let’s really make an old-school record but, you know, might do something cool. 

And we were just so proud of it. And the songs we wrote for it – ‘What God Wants for Christmas’ and ‘Candy Cane Christmas’ — when I listen to that record, I’m just so proud of it.”

The melody and the lyrics are a perfect holiday combination that pours unconditional love towards our Creator who gave us life and whose birth we celebrate.

The truth is that we as devoted Christians should get closer to God, especially during the holidays and care for each other, as well as for the well-being of the less fortunate and give a helping hand whenever possible. That’s the only way to praise God and make the World a better place.

We really enjoyed the performance of this beautiful song. Thank you Darius for bringing Christmas closer to the hearts of your fans.

Get your box of tissues ready. The video will definitely touch your heart!