> Daughter Continues Late Mom’s Touching Christmas Tradition

Daughter Continues Late Mom’s Touching Christmas Tradition


After her mother passed away, Wendy went to visit her house to sort through some of her mom’s belongings. While looking around the office, she found a file folder, and inside was a typed paragraph entitled “Mom’s Christmas Stocking.” It was basically her mother’s request to continue the family tradition of filling Christmas stockings. But instead of filling a Christmas stocking for her, Wendy’s mom revealed her ultimate Christmas wish — that her kids give the stocking to women in need.

Wendy did just that, and she decided to make it an annual tradition. She filled a Christmas stocking with things like scarves, gloves, socks, soaps, and jewelry, and gave it to a woman in need. The next year, Wendy’s friends were so touched by her story that they decided to join her in filling Christmas stockings for women. From there, the tradition grew and grew — and for past nine years, volunteers have filled Christmas stockings inspired by one mother’s legacy.

Now, Wendy is expanding her tradition to include Christmas stockings for widows in need, since she herself recently became widowed. She knows firsthand the heartache of raising a family without her husband and the father of her children.

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Wendy is accepting donations for her Christmas stocking via Pay Pal at moms.stocking@gmail.com.