> Daughter Doesn’t Want To Lose Dad, So She Takes A Bullet In The Face To Save Him

Daughter Doesn’t Want To Lose Dad, So She Takes A Bullet In The Face To Save Him


Brittany Howard, a mother of two from Austin, Texas, received a call from her mother in February. Her mom was terrified, saying her father was acting strangely and was threatening to take his own life.

Brittany rushed to the home and saw her beloved father pointing a gun to his head. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing him, so she went to take the gun from his hand. However, they both jerked, causing the gun to go off. Brittany was shot in the face.

Yet, it is a tragedy that Brittany does not regret.

“I love my dad. It was an accident,” said Brittany.

She was hit three centimeters from her frontal lobe, requiring three surgeries and a skin graft. But Brittany is alive, and so is her father.

“Sometimes people, when they hear my story, they look at me as a hero, but I don’t look at myself as a hero. I didn’t want to lose my dad,” she said on The Doctors.

Since the incident, Brittany’s father has gotten the medical help he needed and is on the road to recovery. Nevertheless, police had no choice but to charge him with aggravated assault. Brittany does not want the courts to press charges and is hopeful that the situation will be resolved.

“He’s completely different, he’s completely changed, and sometimes it takes a tragic accident or a tragic occurrence to change someone’s outlook or perspective on life,” she said.

The Doctors surprised the family with free counseling sessions and free organic meals for six months.

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