Deployed Dad Sends Daughter Bear. WATCH Why She Loses Mind When She Squeezes Bear’s Hand


A video of a toddler and her teddy bear has stolen the hearts of everyone who has seen it. The short clip, originally uploaded by the young girl’s grandfather on YouTube, was also shared by her aunt on Instagram, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

The child, named Pia, received the stuffed animal from her father, who is in the Navy. Her parents, Drew and 25-year-old Kelly, decided to get the personalized bear made for their little girl who may miss her daddy at times.

According to the mom’s sister Eileen, “Kelly gave Pia [the bear] after a month of Drew being out on the ship.” The dad is away on deployment for a full eight months, but the bear has become a constant reminder to his daughter that daddy still cares.

The day Kelly recorded her daughter playing with the bear, the family captured a priceless moment. Pia instantly lost her mind when she squeezed the teddy bear’s hand.

“Hi P, I love you. See you soon,” Drew’s voice recording said, and Pia broke into a joyful shout. As she grasped the bear tightly with her little arms, she yelled out, “Yay! Dad.”

She sat down on the floor and started to cuddle with her teddy. She pushed the button twice in a row before she yelled out “dad!” again.

Every time Pia pressed the toy’s hand, she was thrilled to hear her father’s voice. She even leaned into the bear, hugged it close, and rocked back and forth with it.

You can tell by the video that Pia is a daddy’s girl. Drew is definitely missed by his precious little one, but his wife probably misses him just as much.