Being the father of a teenage girl can’t be easy. As a guy, it’s difficult to relate to what girls go through during these years. Luckily, most dads try their best to help out their daughters in any way they can.

One dad went above and beyond when his daughter asked him to buy her pads at the store, but he wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation. The results are hilarious, and we’ve got the texts to prove it.

Tia Savva asked her dad to pick up some sanitary towels while he was at the store, and while he was willing to do so, he struggled a bit with the task. When Tia asked for Always brand, her dad replied, “Always what??”


Not only that, but he wasn’t sure which of the many types to get. “Now what there’s hundreds of them,” he said. We don’t blame him! It’s pretty easy to get lost in that aisle, even for girls.


Not only did Tia’s dad have a hard time with getting the right pads, but he was, understandably, uncomfortable too. “This woman’s looking at me weird hurry up,” he texted Tia. When Tia asked for “scented and with wings,” her dad really had no clue what to do. He had absolutely no idea what wings were, and he asked if would have to smell the packaging to find out if they were scented!


All in all, it’s a very comical exchange, and since Tia posted screenshots of the texts on Facebook, she’s gotten over 21,000 likes and 4,000 comments on the images. Luckily, it ended well. “I’ll bring you choc,” Tia’s dad told her. Now that’s a good dad!

What do you think of these funny texts? We can’t stop laughing!

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