Determined Mom Gets Into Crazy Shape Despite Her Divorce


In 2011, Kailin’s husband was deployed in the Navy. At 196 pounds, Kailin decided to embark on a secret journey to get in shape so that when he came back home, her husband would be presented with a whole new woman. Kailin committed herself to eating healthier and cardio workouts like P90X and Insanity.

During week eight of her workout and diet plan, her husband had been deployed for nearly four months — and Kailin received an email saying he wanted a divorce.

She was devastated, but ultimately, Kailin decided that nothing was going to stop her from her inner and outer transformation.

“If I can do this being a military wife with a husband deployed, and on top of that this morning finding out that he wants to divorce me, then anybody can get out and do their workout,” she says to the camera with tears in her eyes.

Kailin proceeds to document her daily workouts and jaw-dropping progress, crying and sweating through her “divorce tears.” She was admittedly overweight, but throughout her marriage, she realized she stopped taking care of herself. At nearly 200 pounds, Kailin was addicted to food, eating out for every meal, consuming sugary drinks and experiencing fertility issues.

Four years and two days later, Kailin checks back in on camera as she prepares for her first fitness competition. Her transformation is absolutely staggering. She went from a size 18 to a size 2. “To stand in front of this mirror and see what kind of work I put in and see it in front of me is something I never, ever, ever thought I could do when I was 196 pounds.

“If you’re a woman and you’re not confident, I want you to realize that you are amazing, and you are beautiful.”

Video credit: Coach K YouTube & Coach Kailin / Coach Kailin Facebook

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