> Dog becomes best friends with kitten, and they explore nature together, the kitty rides on his back

Dog becomes best friends with kitten, and they explore nature together, the kitty rides on his back


Meet Jessie and Koda, two furry besties that love going on adventures together along with their owner Emily Aubrecht in Alberta, Canada.

Jessie, a three-year-old Australian Labradoodle, and Koda, a four-month-old adopted kitten, are not only best friends, but also the ultimate hiking duo.


One of this pair’s favorite activities is trekking through the Canadian wilderness with Emily by their side. On lucky days, Koda is able to cruise on Jessie’s back as they hike along. It’s not every day we can see a cat and dog strike up a partnership like these two!

According to Emily, Jessie wasn’t all too thrilled at first to carry a passenger on her back. However, these pictures below show just how much she’s grown to care for her young travel buddy.



Emily adopted Koda the kitten from a home that was overcrowded. When she brought him home, the pair immediately took a liking to one another.

“Jessie instantly became attached to Koda,” Emily says, “she must have thought he was her baby.” The two have been inseparable since!


Koda is not your average indoor cat. Being the brave explorer he is, he often sports a special harness for outdoor travel, as does Jessie. Koda’s favorite passtimes include visiting the river, going for drives, and visiting the pet shop with his best pal Jessie. Like many cats, he enjoys chasing feather toys and nibbling on wet food.


“Jessie is very energetic and friendly,” says Emily, “she enjoys bike rides, hikes, and swimming.”

One thing Emily didn’t mention, however, is that her furry companions are also very photogenic.


It comes at no surprise that Jessie is Koda’s favorite travel partner—just look at this fearless swimmer!


When they’re not taking on the wilderness, the two friends can be found playing together or snuggled up for a nap. We can definitely say they’ve formed a purr-fect bond that’s sure to last a lifetime.


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