Dog Comes Home after 8 Months Missing. Watch The Minute Owner Looks Outside & Loses Control


Dog owner Rocco came to find that life can change within a split second, and what he saw in his own front yard changed everything. He was the proud owner of his dog named Jack. The two of them were so close, but one day Jack went missing. A single day without his dog seemed unbearable, but then a week passed, and another, and before he knew it eight entire months went by. It never got easier not knowing where Jack went or if he was alright. Yet with all the heartache, Rocco couldn’t lose hope. Rocco always believed that Jack would somehow appear.

Rocco cared deeply for his dog Jack even during the time that Jack was missing. Little did he know just how much Jack cared for him too or what lengths he would go to in order to be together again. The love they had for each other was so great that Jack did everything he could to make it back in the arms of his caring owner. Finally, out of all the pain and misery from being apart, Jack made it home. His owner Rocco was inside when he finally made it to the front yard, but as soon as he realized his best friend was waiting for him, the ultimate reunion took place.

Though Rocco says only one word before he bursts into tears, it was so touching for all who heard it. So much love was wrapped up in their warm embrace. Watch the video below to see the beautiful reunion for yourself!