> Dog Consoles Owner Going Through Asperger's Meltdown

Dog Consoles Owner Going Through Asperger’s Meltdown


First thing’s first: Danielle Jacobs is an incredibly brave woman for sharing difficult footage of her Asperger’s meltdown. As described in her Youtube video, Ms. Jacobs trained her dog, Samson, to recognize her depressive episodes, triggered by too much stimuli. Therefore, watch as this unbelievable canine alerts himself to her condition, physically comforting her to place of less acute distress.

we blown away by the intimate relationship between this woman and her dog and truly ache over Samon’s eager tenderness to console his owner. We also applaud Ms. Jacobs for shedding some light on her daily realities of living with Asperger’s and hope everyone can observe and share with compassion and sensitivity.