> Dog Figures Out How To Stay Dry When Fetching Ball From Pool

Dog Figures Out How To Stay Dry When Fetching Ball From Pool


We all get a little lazy sometimes. Admit it; you have probably done something before out of laziness that when you look back on it seems pretty silly.

You might have called for someone in another room of the house to bring you something sitting ten feet away from you, used some kleenex when you didn’t want to go get another roll of toilet paper, or spun your clothes around in the dryer for a second time when you didn’t want to take the time to hang them up or fold them. Whatever it might be, we all do it.

We’re not sure if it’s that kind of laziness that drives smart dogs like the one in this video to do the things they do, or if they are actually being the opposite of lazy and challenging themselves, but whatever it is, it sure makes for some funny videos.

Like the adorable dog that used his own pool to fetch his ball from the big pool, or the dog who carefully walked across a net to get his ball from the pool, this cocker spaniel named Jess is determined to get her favorite toy, but also stay somewhat dry.

After watching all the work she puts into this, we don’t think Jess is lazy, she just wants to keep that shiny coat looking nice!

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