Dog who gets stuck in a drain pipe requires a very creative rescue


People normally think of cats as being the most curious animals on earth, but the truth is that dogs are just as eager to explore things. They are willing to stick their noses almost any place if it means getting a chance to experience something new.

For the most part, this curiosity doesn’t get them into trouble. After all, how much trouble can you get into running around and sniffing fire hydrants?

One dog, however, got a little too curious for his own good. When he got away from his owner and started following his nose, he found himself in an utterly terrifying situation.

Ziggy the dog has always been a curious fellow. He loves running around the farm where he lives. However, one day, his love of curiosity got him in trouble. He spotted an open drainage pipe and ran inside, then, he didn’t come back out again.


At first, his family wasn’t worried. It was the third time that the 10-year-old Patterdale terrier had disappeared down the drainage pipe. But when hours passed and Ziggy didn’t emerge, the family’s panic set in…

After one night passed and Ziggy remained stuck, they called in reinforcement from the RSPCA. The team arrived and was able to map the pipes, digging two large holes where they suspected the dog was located.


Finally, the were able to spot the top of Ziggy’s head! They dug a little more, and with Ziggy working furiously too, they eventually freed the poor little pooch. He was stuck in that pipe for 19 hours!


It was a joyful reunion and miraculously, Ziggy was totally uninjured! That said, his parents probably gave him a firm talking to. Somebody won’t be allowed to go running into drainage pipes again any time soon.

Thank goodness this team was able to pull Ziggy out from the pipe! That must have been so scary, not just for the poor little pup but for his panicked owners, too.

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