> This Dog Had One Final Wish, And When It's Fulfilled The Tears Begin To Flow

This Dog Had One Final Wish, And When It’s Fulfilled The Tears Begin To Flow


When it comes to pets, it’s always hard to say goodbye. After confirming that the animal will soon perish, all that’s left to do is make sure they are as comfortable and happy as possible. Sophia the St. Bernard was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer in early August. Her owner, Alyson Paige, decided she wanted to make sure the last bit of time she would get to spend with Sophia was extra special, according to the below video by Press Association.

Paige told the camera crew that Sophia loved playing in the snow more than anything, and because of that she took her dog to the Chill Factore in Manchester, U.K.  Sophia previously had low energy and was not enthusiastic about anything in her final days, but when Paige took her into the play area, Sophia sprang into action. She ran around, diving in the snow and making snow angels, and acted happy to be there on her last day.