When this dog realizes it’s home time — his hilarious reaction has internet folding with laughter


Like me not wanting to leave the warm comfort of my bed or a child refusing to leave the cereal aisle until she gets her frosted puffs, this dog doesn’t want to leave the park.

Posted by wipandco to youtube the video has now racked up 11.5 million views.

Golden Retriever loves the fresh air so much that he’s mastered the art of amateur dramatics all in a desperate bid to extend his time in the park.

From gently being picked up and flopped over on his back, he plays the part better than Leo. Somebody get this guy an Oscar.

I think you’ll agree, the owner handled it calmly and kindly. I’m sure he’s seen it all before and I’m sure he’ll see it again.

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The video now has over 11 million views on YouTube alone, with an estimated 10 million on facebook as well making it a truly viral sensation.

The comments have been hugly positive and some seriously entertaining.

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