> Dog Was Supposedly Pregnant With 9 Puppies – But The Scan Was Wrong

Dog Was Supposedly Pregnant With 9 Puppies – But The Scan Was Wrong


The dog was actually expecting more than nine puppies!

Meet Natasha White and Alicia Copping, who hail from Coventry, West Midlands. They are both the proud owners of Romy, their darling Irish setter, who was preparing to become a first-time mother!

When Romy was four weeks into her pregnancy, Natasha, who was also a qualified vet and a dog breeder for Guide Dogs For The Blind Association, conducted an ultrasound. She thought that Romy would give birth to 8 or 9 puppies in total.

The average litter for the Irish setter is capped at nine or lesser, therefore it was a no-brainer back then.

The story took a surprising turn when Romy gave birth to nine adorable puppies just as expected by her owners on Nov. 24, 2011. However, a 10th puppy soon arrived, which shocked them both!

Romy soon became exhausted after the 10th puppy, therefore her owners took her on a walk around the garden. “That was it”, thought – but not for long. Two hours later, Romy gave birth to her 11th puppy. It was followed by another 4 more pups! The last puppy, dubbed ‘Red Boy’, happened to be the biggest pup out of the litter, weighing at 339 grams / 11.9 ounces.

The new Irish Setter mother, Romy, gave birth to a record-breaking litter consisting of 15 healthy puppies. The whole canine pack consisted of 10 females and 5 males which weighed between 275 to 339 grams, approximately 10 ounces to 12 ounces – during the 10-hour labor!

The couple, both White and Copping were actually pleasantly shocked but at the same time, excited to welcome the whole litter of puppies. After the successful puppy delivery, both owners worked non-stop to assist Romy in feeding her newborn babies.

After a 3-week period, all the puppies have reportedly been sold ever since, and have been placed in loving homes – all except one puppy.

And you’ve guessed it – its the 15th puppy, Red Boy! Today, he’s growing up well, and strikingly resembles his beautiful mother, Romy!