This Dog Tried To Die On The Side Of The Road. That’s Why I’m Still Shocked By What Happened.


Thor was found on the side of the road in Mexico. He was starving, sick and dying. His back legs were paralyzed, so he was just dragging his body along. It was a miracle he was still alive at that point. If picked up by a dog catcher in Mexico, he would have certainly been euthanized. However, thanks to the kind people at The Mutt Scouts, a nonprofit dog rescue in Los Angeles, he was given a chance to truly live.

There are dogs all over the world who are in desperate need of help. If you ever see a dog in need like Thor, don’t just pass him by. There are countless kind-hearted people in this country who want to help special pups.

Thank you to the folks at The Mutt Scouts for all of their hard work. Without them, Thor would have been toast.

Source: The Mutt Scouts via Huffington Post

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