> These Dogs Were Living On The Streets, Alone And Afraid. Then, Their Greatest Wish Came True

These Dogs Were Living On The Streets, Alone And Afraid. Then, Their Greatest Wish Came True


Each one of these dogs were living on the streets, alone and afraid. They were starving and thirsty, disoriented and injured, and had no idea if their depressing lives would ever change. Despite the burdens they faced, they never lost hope. None of them had shelter or comfort, but they remained in high spirits and always had a forgiving attitude toward the humans who approached them.

They were all stray dogs, but were found in different situations. Joy was just a tiny newborn puppy who was abandoned on the side of the road. Zuzi spent an entire winter outside in the cold in a parking lot, just waiting for someone to save her. Minnie was rescued from a roadside. Ania was living on a construction site. Maya was found in a roadside parking lot. Amigo was a stray roaming around an industrial area. These dogs only represent a handful of the millions of dogs out there who are without a home.

Although each of these pups had different and unique stories, they all had similar endings: they were all rescued by Howl Of A Dog, an animal rescue organization in Romania, and were adopted into loving forever homes all over the world!

The video below shows each of these dogs in their sad situations and then again in their new lives once they were adopted. It’s amazing to see their personalities shine once they were adopted. All of them had incredibly resiliency and an amazing will to live. Watch all of their stories in the video below. It’s sure to warm your heart!

Every time a rescued dog gets adopted, another homeless abandoned dog can be saved. There are millions of animals in need of adoptive homes. Howl Of A Dog hopes to raise awareness of this issue. They explain that by adopting a dog, you don’t only save the life of that particular dog, but you actually contribute to the rescue of hundreds and thousands of other dogs due to the space that you help free up. Many shelters are overcrowded and some are forced to euthanize dogs when they run out of room. Safe a life, adopt don’t shop!