Dog’s Silly Round Haircut Is Capturing Hearts Around The World


Idon’t know about you, but there’s something about a really fluffy puppy that melts my heart. They’re soft, silly-looking, and extra squeezable. What’s not to love?!

And thanks to sites like Instagram, we can virtually follow around these cute canines, one adorable photo at a time.

The internet has seen its fair share of fluff, and we can’t get enough of seeing pooches posing for photos, rolling around in the park, or playing with their other animal friends.

But these dogs may have met their match when it comes to Tori the bichon frise.

Through her owners’ grooming, Tori has been endowed with a huge head of hair in a perfect circular shape.

Her peculiar ‘do makes her look like a funny, fuzzy cartoon cloud — it truly has to be seen to be believed!

Check below to see puffy little Tori’s signature style. We guarantee that you will be amazed!


Little Tori the bichon frise may be one of the cutest doggies we’ve ever seen.

Unlike other dogs of her breed, she has a perfectly round hairdo.


It is so circular that, when she sleeps, she looks like a giant cotton ball taking a snooze!


Where as other bichon frises have tight curls that are usually kept very short, Tori’s tresses are thick and puffy. Screen-Shot-2016-06-29-at-12.46.16-PM-850x796

She lives in Daegu, South Korea, with parents who clearly love to take photos of their fluffy little baby.


When she’s not posing for photos, Tori likes to lounge around like a normal dog — though it is hard to look normal with that head of hair!


And if you’re fan of Tori’s notable fluff, you are certainly not alone.

Tens of thousands follow her on her Instagram account to get their daily dog fix.Screen-Shot-2016-06-29-at-12.50.30-PM-850x994

Her huge following proves that we all love looking at fleecy fur balls on the internet, especially if they are coupled with cute outfits!

We expect to see more of Tori’s fluffy round face as she continues to wow thousands with her hairdo.

Check out the video of little Tori below!

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