Donkey can no longer work and gets a death sentence – then a wolf makes an unexpected move


Disney cartoons, children’s stories, and fairy tales often show a variety of animals living in harmony. While there are certainly plenty of different species that get along well, these are usually sunnier depictions of animal life than the reality might reflect.

The kind of cruelty we see people inflict onto animals is never easy to understand. For the most part, however, people are kind and gentle with animals.

Unfortunately the negative stories do tend to come to surface more frequently than do the positive ones. Here’s one that has both good and bad…Yet, every once in a while, nature throws a surprise or two at us. That was certainly the case when one wolf was given an old donkey for dinner…

An old donkey in Patok, Albania was no longer useful to his owner, and several villagers thought they’d come up with a good idea after they managed to catch a wolf and locked it into a small cage.

The wolf needed to be fed – and because the donkey was no longer useful, they thought he would make good food for the wolf, according to Honest to Paws.


They led the donkey to the cage and opened the door. Once inside the cage, everyone was confident that it wouldn’t be long before the donkey was dead, but something amazing happened instead.

The wolf did not touch the donkey. Instead, the two became friends and even began to cuddle with each other.


The new friends were soon inseparable. The wolf seemed very happy to finally have a friend.

The best friends lived together in peace and quiet for some time, to everyone’s surprise. Their story soon began to spread in the country, until the Albanian government got wind of it. They then ordered the owner to release the wolf back into the wild.


The donkey also had a positive end- he is living out the rest of his days in a meadow where he is properly looked after.

Watch the short clip below about this most unusual wolf/donkey friendship: