Dying Man Pleads On Facebook To Re-Home His Dog, And His Post Went Viral


He promised his wife to take care of him, so when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer he knew he had to do something.

The dying man only had one wish..

When a cancer patient receives an unwanted and unfortunate terminal diagnosis, it raises a whole host of issues that have to be resolved in their final months. Both friends and relatives need to be notified, and arrangements have to be made in order to resolve any other difficult end-of-life issues.

Unfortunately for most people, they and their family members are often so distraught that they would often forget to make arrangements for their pets. Therefore, many of them wind up in shelters or got euthanized after their abandonment. Not for one man, who made a promise to his wife.


A long-time Texas resident named Walter Hollier made a promise to his wife earlier on, who passed away due to breast cancer almost two years ago. One of the last things she had told him on her deathbed was, “Please take care of Doc,” he recalls.


But back in June, Walter himself was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, and had only been given up to six months left to live. He has beaten that timeline so far. However, when the time comes, he wants to be comforted to know that their two dogs are in loving homes and will be well cared for after he passes on.


Family members agreed to take in Doc, the older of the two, but not Diego. Instead, Walter turned to Facebook last month to find a good home for his beloved dog.


His post (edited) was as follows:

“Hi, My name is Walt Hollier and this a picture of my dog Diego. 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with liver cancer, stage 4, terminal. I was given 3 to 6 months to live. So in all likelihood, I will be leaving this world soon. I must find Diego a caring and loving home. He is 8 years old and loves people. He has not shown any aggressive behavior in 8 years. He is in great health and loves to run, play, swim, and ride in cars, or trucks. He is a red Heeler, weighs 50 lbs. He is a great watch dog and real low maintenance. It tears me heart out to lose him. But, it would bring me great comfort when I die that he is well taken care of. I live in the Austin area. So if you can help in any way, please contact me.”


His post was shared many times, in which at least 100 people had tried to contact him personally on social media – regarding Diego’s adoption!

In a follow-up post later that same day (edited), he wrote:

“To all you wonderful folks who helped me find a home for my dog Diego, thank you. I would loved to answered each and every one of you, but with over 92,000 hits, I’m sure you can understand that I’m overwhelmed. Diego has been adopted by The Last Resort. It is a men’s recovery center in Smithville, Texas. He lives on 50 acres of beautiful land with horses, cows and free range. He has over 40 new friends and is acting as a service dog for men in recovery. He is getting lots of TLC and only being 50 miles away, I can visit him a lot.”

The post continued: “The center’s located in a rural, un-populated area, and I cried down the dirt road. It was like cutting a cord, you know. He’s like my child. I could have not asked for a better conclusion. It’s a win for Diego, a win for me, and a win for men who need a buddy right now. So thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers, and have made me aware of how many good folks there are out there.”

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