> Elderly Couple Celebrates 80th Wedding Anniversary, Shows The World What True Love Looks Like

Elderly Couple Celebrates 80th Wedding Anniversary, Shows The World What True Love Looks Like


Arthur Jacobs and his wife Marcia have been together since before WWII, it was 1937 when Arthur asked Marcia to be his wife. Their love has survived through the tumultuous times of the war, the economic, political, social changes and is still going strong. In these days when we mostly hear the gloomy and depressing news, the story of Arthur and Marcia and their love for each other is the kind that lifts any mood.

If you see the amount of love they still have for each other, you would agree that this is straight out of a romance novel! Their grandson captured a video of Arthur, 105, and Marcia, 100, celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary.

Arthur grew up in Hammond, Indiana while Marcia spent her childhood in New York. They met each other at the University of Wisconsin and have been together ever since. Arthur was employed by the War Manpower Commission in Washington DC during World War II. He has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Michigan. Marcia was the Director of social work at Hebrew Home for the Aged in Riverdale, New York. According to Gabe they now live in Rye, New York.

Marcia is now bedridden and can’t communicate. She can only say a few words now, but that doesn’t take away the love you see in her eyes for her husband. In this emotional video, Arthur is seen expressing his love for her. When their grandson, Gabe Jacobs, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, tells Marcia how lucky they’ve both been to find each other, you can see her getting emotional even though she isn’t able to verbally respond. Arthur says, “I love you, I have loved you for 80 years. That’s a lot of time”. And it is for she was only 20 and he was 25 when they got married!

When he says this, she kisses his hands and tries to say something but the only thing she can say is ‘hello, hello’.  Her reaction gets him emotional. He says, “I miss her all the time”. He must be feeling all alone since the love of his life isn’t able to communicate with him anymore. Marcia can understand his pain as can be seen from her reaction to his words. It breaks your heart a little to see this, but at the same time, it is this wonderful feeling of seeing a couple so much in love even after 80 years of marriage.

Gabe calls his grandparents ‘superhumans’ and feels proud to have ‘descended’ from them. He says, “Arthur is a beautiful man and so incredibly in love with Marcia. You can tell how sad he is that she can no longer communicate”.

These two truly are superhumans for how many stories of such incredible love story have you come across?

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