Elderly Man Can’t Buy Groceries. That’s When Cashier Says Six Words that Are Going Viral


An act of kindness at a Dollar General in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. has gone viral. Facebook user Tim McKellar wrote on his page recently how he “…witnessed one of the most impressive things” and wanted to share the story with his friends.

The post, which features a photo of his receipt with the store’s address on it, was liked more than 1,500 times and received nearly 400 comments. Love What Matters even reposted it to their Facebook page.


While shopping at the store on Thursday, March 16, McKellar watched as an elderly veteran struggled to pay for his groceries. He went to run his card, but couldn’t make the transaction, because he forgot his PIN number.

After a few tries, a lady in line tried to help the guy swipe his card. Still, the transaction was declined.

What happened next was what inspired McKellar to share his Facebook post. He wrote, “That’s when the cashier Jacob Wittman pulled his wallet out and told the lady to scan his card which ended up working without any problem.”

Everyone was in shock, especially the older gentleman “wearing his veteran hat.” Uncertain of what had just transpired, he inquired if Wittman just purchased his $20 worth of items.

McKellar quoted Wittman’s response to the customer. “Yes sir,” he said, “and you don’t owe me a dime.” Those last six words made this story even more touching.

McKellar was astonished by the cashier’s giving attitude, especially considering Wittman’s level of employment. He wrote in his message, “Now this kid obviously makes minimum wage or real close to it and probably didn’t have the extra money to spare.”


Yet, Wittman found a way to help a customer in need. Ironically, on Wittman’s Facebook page, he shared a funny meme the day before.

It reads, “When an old lady gets mad and asks to speak to the manager but you’re the manager … Check out the name tag, you’re in my world now grandma.”

Fans of Wittman commented under the meme with a link to the article by Love What Matters. One lady praised him for his charity.

“You are an incredible human being,” the comment said. “Thank you for not only taking care of an elderly person, but a veteran, no less.”

Witttman responded: “I was only doing what I knew was the right thing. Thank you for your kind words.”

It’s rare to see a cashier pay for a customer’s store items. It’s usually the other way around, right?

Well, Witman has definitely set the tone for us all, letting us know that it’s okay to break the rules. Serve others sometimes even if it’s unconventional because you never know, you may just inspire others around you to do the same.