> Elephant Does Tricks With His Owner

Elephant Does Tricks With His Owner


At the beginning of this year, a compilation landed online, in which we can follow the boy as he performed various acrobatics in the company of elephants.

A special bond of friendship prevails between them, and they more than obviously trust each other.

The boy named Rene Casselly is an animal trainer who prefers to show his skills in the company of elephants. He has built a very special bond with them, and with the help of animals he performs breath-taking acrobatics.

Months ago, an outstanding compilation landed online in which Rene showed off the tricks and other moves he performs alongside the elephants. The video is already a real hit all over social media.

See what acrobatics along with elephants are performed by Rene Casselly, who is a real master in teaching these majestic animals. Will the video impress you too?