Everyone Should Know These Easy Eyebrow Hacks


I‘ve come to realize that eyebrows are an essential facial feature, and they can totally change one’s entire look. In recent years, thicker and fuller eyebrows have come into fashion, yet I find myself continuing to pluck away and struggle to find the perfect brow shape. I was thrilled to discover this new video, courtesy of YouTube beauty guru Laura Lee, which features a bunch of brand new brow hacks that are both simple and useful.

“Some of these hacks are ones that I have been using for the longest and some brow hacks I have just discovered,” Laura writes on YouTube. She demonstrates how to properly pluck and trim eyebrows, how to correct common mistakes, and how to fill the brows in in an easy, beautiful way. Even better news? There’s already a pre-made stencil that serves this very purpose, and it’s currently sitting in your kitchen drawer. Turns out the only thing you need for perfect brows is a dinner fork!

Check out the video below to see exactly how this ubiquitous kitchen utensil is going to change your life.

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