> Everyone Wrote Them Off As Just Two Goofy Kids. What They Do Once They Hit The Stage? NO WAY!

Everyone Wrote Them Off As Just Two Goofy Kids. What They Do Once They Hit The Stage? NO WAY!


As more and more parents are capable of posting everything their kid does on the internet, the term “prodigy” gets thrown around a lot. Proud parents can’t help it, they think everything their child does is amazing.

Posting cute videos of their children attempting to sing songs is one thing, but when it comes to a child being able to perform on stage and get the crowd going, that is something completely different. Recently on Steve Harvey’s show Little Big Shots, he had some interesting guests that knew a thing or two about performing.

Cajun soul band Pelican 212 came onstage and promised to show the crowd an amazing performance of “When the Saints Go Marching In.” When they first came out it seemed as if it was going to be another one of these acts that only their parents would like.

However, the second they started playing, it was clear these kids knew what they were talking about. They did not fail to deliver. The group gave an unforgettable performance that blew the crowd away.

And what’s even more incredible than their entire performance was their age! The reason Pelican 212 call themselves “world’s shortest horn band” is definitely clear once you learn their age!

The two stars of the show are two twins that are only 11. They dazzle the crowd with their soul and passion. They perform as if they have been playing longer than they have been alive.

The duo’s matching blue suits are almost as cute as the rest of the band, consisting of five other little members! From Angelle, who plays drums and piano, to Marie who can jam out on the bass and saxophone, all of these kids have a talent that is beyond their years.

It is clear that these little kids are going big places.

Check out this amazing and adorable performance in the video below!