He Had Some Extra Cinder Blocks. But Instead Of Throwing Them Out, He Transforms Them Into THIS…


Cinder blocks may seem basic, boring, and unattractive.  They have been poised in the media as the forgotten building blocks of society that are strewn around on the ground, but these nifty cement blocks have much more potential than you may realize.

The blocks have special qualities that make them perfect for some unique DIY construction ideas, and some of these look really cool!

If you need a stand in your yard for drinks or other outdoor entertainment, you can make a beautiful summer table our of a block of wood and cinder blocks!  Check this one out:


Need a bench in your yard but don’t want to drop $200? Follow this simple tutorial to learn how to make your own cinder block bench.


If you need a fence, this amazing aesthetic might fir your yard.  With cinder blocks and fence poles, this person made their fence for a fraction of the cost, and it looks amazing.


Need a TV stand?  This idea really captures the attention of many.  The outdoor rustic look of the blocks contrasting with the modern technological appeal of the TV creates an unmatched style.


Need to grill?  Not a problem if you have cinder blocks!  Dumping some coals in their openings serves as a great furnace.


This woman built an entire couch just out of cinder blocks and cushions, what a way to save money!


This tutorial shows you how to make a full blown staircase out of the blocks!  Think about how much this would cost in brick.


This couch is really cool.  Combining the ideas of the bench and sofa, this love seat is super easy, and cheap to make.  Learn how here.


With a few planks and blocks, you can even create an outdoor bar!  How cool is that?


Roasted marshmallows anybody?  A cinder block can serve as a great firewood holder.


Due to their large openings, cinder blocks also work great for creating a compost pile.


On the nature note, cinder blocks also allow for the opportunity to plant a marvelous garden.  Check out how easy this looks:


This person took the garden to the home, and used the blocks as plant decorations on the patio:

14-2And best for last, you can even make a beautiful minimalist desk out of a plank and some blocks.   It even has shelves on the sides built in!


Are you going to try any of these super easy cinder block ideas?  Let us know in the comments below!