Family adopted a 20 year old cat from the shelter, never expected how much love he had left to give


When this loving family gave this senior kitty a home to call his own, he was already 20-years-old! They didn’t have any idea just how much love this sweet old boy had left to give.

Meet Dexter the cat!


courtesy of Jill Williams

Originally, when the family from Utah went to Best Friends Animal Society, they went to look for a young kitten, but instead, their hearts were stolen by a most charming senior kitty.

Dexter, already 20 years old, probably didn’t have much time left, and the family understood this all too well.

However, they decided to take a chance on the sweet, old, toothless cat and they took him home so that he could live out his retirement surrounded by people who loved him.


courtesy of Jill Williams

On the very day that Dexter moved into his new forever home, he began snuggling up to his human, J J, and the two of them bonded immediately. J J was insistent on feeding Dexter and taking care of his new best buddy all by himself. (Cat dad in the making!)


courtesy of Jill Williams

Dexter reminded his family every day just how thankful he was to have a home of his own and he lavished affection on them with cuddles and purrs.

For hours at a time, Dexter would nuzzle into the crooks of their arms and rub his head against them, all the while purring like an engine.


courtesy of Jill Williams

And he didn’t just get along with the human part of his new family, he was also the leader of his very own wolf pack.


courtesy of Jill Williams

His dog pals looked up to him and were very protective of him.

Dexter showered everyone in his path with unconditional love.

He loved to talk and demanded food at 4:30AM every morning. His meow was very grumpy sounding, and he wouldn’t leave you alone til he got what he wanted.

In typical cat fashion, he was of course the ruler of the house.


courtesy of Jill Williams

But his favorite past time was cuddling.

courtesy of Jill Williams

Dexter was as happy as any cat could be.

He lived for another warm and wonderful two years with his family, before leaving for the rainbow bridge.

“We will never forget the love and happiness he gave in his very short time with our family. Rest in peace, Dexter.”

courtesy of Jill Williams

“It’s never too late to save a life. There are so many great animals waiting to find their forever home in shelters across the country.”

Take a look at the video below to see Dexter’s touching video:


Dexter’s story is the perfect reminder that senior cats need homes too, and it’s much more difficult for them to find that loving forever home. Please keep that in mind the next time your looking for a fur baby of your own, and adopt!

What do you think about Dexter’s story? Would you consider adopting a senior cat or a cat with special needs?

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Remember that senior cats need homes too, and it’s much harder for them to get adopted.  Keep that in mind the next time you look for a fur companion.

You may not be saving the world, but it will change that world for that cat.