Family Rushes To Visit Newborn, Quickly Discover It’s Not Who They Were Expecting


When a loved one gives birth, the first thing you want to do is rush over to the hospital and meet the little one! But when Theresa Slater and her husband called their loved ones over to welcome their newborn into the world, they got more than they bargained for! Now their tricky surprise is going viral and it’s easy to understand why…

Most of the Slater’s family member and friends knew that Theresa was expecting a newborn, but the gender was still up in the air. So when they poured into the hospital room to meet the newest addition to the Slater clan, many came with guesses of the gender. Little did they know there was another big surprise besides whether it was going to be a boy or a girl! As soon as they pulled aside the privacy curtain, they saw not one, but two newborn boys sleeping peacefully by Theresa’s side!

Many of the Slater’s loved ones couldn’t believe their eyes! Some screamed with excited, others gasped, but all were thrilled to see both of the boys and Mom in good health! Giving birth to one baby is hard enough, two can really leave a mother exhausted – however, Theresa was her usual spunky self! Take a peek at this perfect twin reveal for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. With parents as silly as this, the boys will have an awfully fun childhood!