Famous Actor Caught On Subway Performing Act Of Kindness


Many people assume that Hollywood movie stars are pretentious. That they’re way too self-involved to put their own egos aside for the sake of the “little people.” But then there is indeed a handful of celebrities who know that what they do when the camerasaren’t rolling is most important. Then again, you never know when you’re being filmed…

In New York City, it’s not unusual to see a celebrity taking the subway here and there. And the hustle and bustle can sometimes get in the way of manners, particularly on the subway. In the following clip, who else but famed actor Keanu Reeves is caught on a passenger’s cell phone doing something so polite for a female stranger. I just can’t help but think he falls into the “genuinely nice person” category.

In the quick and viral moment posted to YouTube, the uploader writes: “Keanu Reeves is a gentleman. Yep! Who knew? Hate all you want, but the dude has class!”

I think my crush on Keanu just tripled. Take note, people in Hollywood. This is how you do it.

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