Farmer finds mysterious black eggs – now watch them hatch and see what’s hiding inside


Most of us have probably spotted hens with a few black feathers before, the question is have you ever seen ones that are completely black?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these pictures,

Black chickens are seemingly a very rare breed called Ayam Cemani.

These chickens are completely black—that even includes their feathers, skin, beaks, claws, and even their flesh and internal organs.



What even more beautiful are Ayam Cemani chickens is that they have an almost metallic black sheen to their coat of feathers

In the US fully grown Ayam Cemani chickens have been sold for as much as $2,500 in the past.

The breed is black due to dominant gene the chickens possess, a condition call fibromelanosis which causes excess pigmentation in the birds.

These hens however actually lay cream-colored eggs.

False rumors are that these chickens have black blood.


In the 90’s the Ayam Cemani chickens were first imported to Europe.

It’s said in Indonesia that these chickens possess “mystical” powers, but that should be taken lightly.


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