Farmers get together and deliver supplies to those struck by Nebraska floods


Recent floods in Nebraska are some of the worst in its history. Thousands of people have been hit, but among the worst affected are Nebraskan farmers. While other people lost their homes, many farmers lost their homes and are at risk of losing their livelihoods.

However, a group of farmers from Iowa have joined together to send relief to those affected. Led by Robert Broulik and James Garnet, the group has sent bales of hay to Nebraska. Firstly, they loaded it onto huge semitrucks and then sent it on a long journey. Hay is an important commodity and resource on a farm, as farmers need to feed their livestock. However, many of their stores have now been destroyed.

“It’s tough to see them people in that kind of shape”

“There’s two other farmers donated hay,” Garnant explained why they chose to do this. “Some people that knew we were doing it gave us money for fuel and stuff. It’s just kind of what the farming community always does.”

Garnant explained that the farming community had come to his aid when he was suffering from ill-health. The community obviously sticks together when times are tough.

Governor Pete Ricketts

“Took us better part of the day yesterday to just get the trucks ready and get the hay loaded, get it tied down, get it ready to go,” Broulik said. “You know, it’s a long ways out there.” He was strapped in and ready for the six-hour drive.

“Anybody know the miles?” He asked, “Two hundred fifty?”

Many trucks were emblazoned with messages of support for those affected, and the Iowa group saw many other relief trucks heading the same way as them.

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