When you find out you’ll be a parent after few months, you become nervous but motivated and more responsible, you start working hard to provide your child everything they need. However, an American couple made the headlines with their bizarre parenting style.

Matt and Adele Allen follow what they name “off-grid parenting” concept with their 3 children. The Allens allow their kids to eat whatever they want and sleep whenever they want. The kids don’t go to school and they’re not allowed to take mainstream medicine.

In 2016, the couple became renowned when Ostara, their one-year-old daughter, urinated in a newsroom when the family was being interviewed for This Morning.

The Allens were recently the subject of documentarian Stacey Dooley for her show Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over on W Channel. While Dooley is fascinated by the Allens’s lifestyle, she took a particular interest in Matt’s persona. Despite having three kids, Matt’s only source of income is as a part-time yoga instructor. In an interview with Dooley, Matt says that he has no intention of ever getting a full-time job as such a position is not part of his psyche.

Also of note in Dooley’s documentary is that the family lives in social housing in Brighton and gets assistance from the government for the children. Adele doesn’t have a job either, describing herself as a full-time mother.

In defense of his lifestyle, Matt says that he feels that it is more important for him to be with his family than to get a job. When asked if he feels that his family is abusing Britain’s welfare system, Matt says that since they lead a minimalist lifestyle, they are not much of a burden to the country. Specifically, Matt says that his family claims the very bottom line in public support.

Matt and Adele’s current lifestyle is a far cry from how they used to live. Both college graduates, before having children, Matt and Adele lived a jet set lifestyle of clubbing and expensive vacations. The two eventually came to reject such things as materialistic, aiming to live a more down to earth lifestyle.

The Allens hope to soon move to Costa Rica, where they believe they can lead a self-sustaining lifestyle. To help with their move, the family is asking for £100,000 in donations

What do you think of the Allens lifestyle? Do you think that Matt has a point that getting a job would harm his ability to take care of his family or are they just taking advantage of the system?

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