When considering operatic pop ensembles, Il Divo likely comes to mind as the foremost example. This quartet possesses magnificent voices and consistently delivers captivating onstage performances.

In a notable instance, they performed the timeless Dolly Parton hit, “I Will Always Love You,” infusing it with their distinctive flair. Their October 2014 rendition in Hamburg, Germany, garnered immense success due to this unique interpretation.

Formed by Simon Cowell in 2003, the group’s creation involved Cowell’s global search for the perfect members, a quest that proved fruitful. The ensemble comprises German baritone Carlos Marin, Swiss tenor Urs Bühler, French tenor Sébastien Izambard, and American tenor David Miller. Cowell, known for nurturing and signing various musical talents, has played a pivotal role in the careers of artists like Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis, Fifth Harmony, and One Direction.

Il Divo is recognized as a “crossover group of classical music,” as stated on their official website. Their repertoire boasts numerous multi-lingual hits, including “Regresa a Mi” (Unbreak My Heart), originally performed by Toni Braxton. Additionally, they collaborated with Braxton on a duet titled “The Time Of Our Lives,” which served as the official song of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The group has also engaged in duets with esteemed music icons like Celine Dion, producing the duet “I Believe In You” (Je crois en toi) from Dion’s 2005 album ‘On ne change pas.’ Notably, their 2018 album ‘Timeless’ features a Spanish version of Adele’s hit “Hello” titled “Hola.” This performance is just one among the quartet’s many remarkable hits.

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In this rendition, the quartet presented their take on Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” Despite Parton’s original composition and release in 1974, the song has become synonymous with Whitney Houston’s powerful 1992 version for the film “The Bodyguard.” The romantic thriller starred Houston alongside Kevin Costner and, with hits like “I’m Every Woman,” earned a Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

Il Divo infused their unique touch into this iconic song, originally popularized by two of the most significant female voices in showbiz.

Sebastien Izambard took the lead in the performance, showcasing his tender tenor voice in French. Born in Paris on March 7, 1973, Izambard, according to the group’s website, initially learned to play the guitar to impress his first love. Starting by playing guitar on the Seine river for couples at the age of 17, he progressed to larger opportunities at bars and karaoke gigs. His life underwent a remarkable transformation upon joining the international group.

Despite the fame, Izambard emphasized the most important aspects of his life on the website, highlighting his children. He shared his experiences of facing challenges and the emotional toll of being away from his family during concerts. However, he expressed gratitude for having his music, colleagues, and dedicated fans as companions on the beautiful yet occasionally challenging journey of life.

David Miller

Following the performance, American tenor David Miller takes the spotlight. Born in San Francisco, California, on April 14, 1973, Miller grew up in Littleton, Colorado. His early immersion in music led him to graduate from Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio with a degree in Opera and Vocal Performance. Miller expressed his deep appreciation for opera, describing it as the pinnacle of vocal expression. He credited the popular version of Lurhman’s “La Boheme” for broadening his musical horizons and inspiring him to use his voice in a more passionate manner.

Next in line is Carlos Marin, contributing his baritone voice after the initial solos. Born in Rüsselsheim, Germany, on October 13, 1968, Marin was raised in Hesse, Germany. Despite his German upbringing, Marin identifies as a Spanish lyric singer and takes pride in it. Remarkably, he released his first album in Germany at the age of eight, titled “The Little Caruso,” featuring a song performed in front of a 700-person audience. Marin expressed the profound role singing plays in his life, describing it as his way of expressing emotions, memories, and joy. He shared sentiments of nostalgia for moments shared with his late father, emphasizing the enduring joy singing brings him, thanking the audience for allowing him to continue making a living from his passion.

Urs Bühler

Completing the ensemble alongside Marin is tenor Urs Buhler. Born on July 19, 1971, in Willisau, Lucerne, Switzerland, Buhler, like his counterparts, began his singing journey at a young age. Notably, he served as the lead singer for his metal band, Conspiracy, at the tender age of 17. His musical journey led him to study voice at the Sweelinck Conservatorium, and he performed with the Netherlands Opera Gezelschap before Simon recruited him to join Il Divo.

In an interview with UK Music Reviews, Buhler shared a bit of his offstage life, revealing his enjoyment of riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle. When questioned about any concerns the record company might have regarding the risk of motorcycle riding, he responded with humor, emphasizing his long history of riding.

Although Il Divo, a group of four men, presented a song popularized by women, their rendition was a remarkable success, thanks to their classical crossover style. The video of their performance has garnered over nine million views, showcasing the widespread appreciation for their talent. This performance is just one among the many spectacular displays by the quartet.

Since the launch of their debut album, the eponymous “Il Divo,” in 2004, these musicians have ascended to global superstardom. They’ve covered numerous classic hits and collaborated with renowned singers on new music. reported their impressive achievements, including over 25 million album sales, 150 gold and platinum discs, and the unique distinction of having the only crossover classical album to reach the US Billboard No. 1 spot. Such accolades underscore their extraordinary success in the music industry.

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