> Garth Brooks Removes Guitar Mid-Concert & Passes It To Astonished Mom Of Sick Child

Garth Brooks Removes Guitar Mid-Concert & Passes It To Astonished Mom Of Sick Child


Garth Brooks is at it again.

At a stop in Alberta, Canada on his world tour, Garth spotted a sign in the crowd that made him stop mid-song: “Today my son is cancer-free,” he read from the stage, as the crowd roared in deafening applause, but the country legend didn’t stop at congratulations.




Mom Gale found out her 6-year-old son, Mason, was cancer free just hours before the concert.

Garth asked why Mason wasn’t able to attend the show. It turns out that Mason had just completed his chemo treatments, and his immune system can’t yet cope with the risks of going out.


It broke Garth’s heart that the little one one couldn’t make the show, so he offered a consolation prize.

“So I’ll tell you what, I need you to take something to Mason for me,” Garth said, asking for a Sharpie and how to spell his name. Garth then took his guitar off its strap, signed the instrument and sent it crowd surfing over to Gale’s waiting arms.

“I can tell you this,” Brooks said. “As hard as that child has fought, I know that you have fought 100 times harder.”

Gale posted this photo of Mason holding his brand new guitar on her Facebook page the next day. Seeing the little guy smile from ear to ear says it all.


“I received the call stating he is free of cancer three hours before the concert. My heart was overflowing with happiness. It has been overwhelming the love and support that we have received from day one. Your kindness and the love I felt from the concert was the best way to end this chapter.”

We’d like to extend our most heartfelt congratulations to Gale and Mason and a huge thanks to Garth for his consistently kind heart. If you look closely enough, this world is a pretty awesome place after all.

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