German Salon Debuts A Bizarre Yet Surprisingly Effective Hair-Trimming Technique That Involves 4 Pigtails And Lots Of Gel


There seems to be an endless amount of odd techniques someone might use to get the hairstyle they’re looking for.

Whether it’s a frugal mom letting her young daughter do the trimming for the whole family, ordousing your locks in Coca-Cola for some beachy curls, I didn’t think there was anything left to surprise me when it comes to keeping your follicles looking fancy.

That’s why the clip below totally blew me away when I stumbled across it while scrolling through my Facebook. The video is from a salon in Germany called M&M Friseure, where they have some pretty hair-raising methods — literally.

With her client sitting calmly in the chair, the stylist separates her strands into four even sections, then gels them straight up in the air. It’s definitely a bizarre look, to say the least!

I’m not sure I’d be so chill if I were in that salon chair, to be honest. I was so nervous when I saw the stylist pick up her scissors and start clipping away at the woman’s beautiful blonde hair, but it turns out the trick is surprisingly effective.

Really, I couldn’t believe how gorgeously layered the result was after she washes out the product and gives it a good blow dry. Who knows, maybe all salons should start adopting this unusual approach!

Take a look to see the baffling procedure for yourself.

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