Giant Blisters on Baby’s Feet, It’s Shocking to Find Out The Truth


This story really turns my stomach, just even to see the feet of that little baby so sore and blistered, was it really believable that it was such a mystery? Well, the truth is way more crazy and pretty shocking!

Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, a 36 year old woman, was the babysitter of the little baby that day, when the baby’s mother saw the blisters that covered her baby’s little feet. She, of course, looked to the babysitter for an explanation of what had happened to cause such huge blisters. Mendoza quickly said that she had no clue as to what happened.


If you’re going to be a babysitter, you would think that person would be patient and caring, not heartless and short tempered right? The only thing even worse is when you realize that the person you trusted to care for your child is more than this completely crazy!

Mendoza was arrested on charges of child abuse, showing no only the most severe levels of incompetence and a complete careless attitude in her babysitting job, but wilfully causing harm to the young baby she was supposed to be caring for, it was completely beyond reason to do such a thing to a six month old baby.


Mendoza, the babysitter was cooking some tortillas using a frying pan at the time of the actual incident, while the poor baby was crying and crying for some attention. Unable to get the baby to stop crying, she lost her temper and plunged the baby’s feet into into the screaming hot pan.


Mendoza continued as if nothing had happened, even to the point of denying that it ever happened, but, the baby’s mother knew that there was more to it and swiftly called 911 to report the abuse she believed had happened.


The baby needed immediate treatment from medical professionals, but the storey didn’t end there, Mendoza’s actions have led to so much anger from the public, many asking the questions, why, and why did she take that job?


I’m shocked anyone could do such a thing, it’s really such a sad and traumatic ordeal for such a young baby!