Girl, 14, maliciously attacked at sleepover


Naomi Johnson thought she was attending a sleepover with friends, but it was nothing like she anticipated. Rather, it was perhaps the most traumatic night of her young life.

On July 26, 14-year-old Naomi attended a sleepover in Anchorage, Alaska. Instead of a night filled with food, television, and late-night talks, it consisted of verbal and physical assaults. On that fateful night, Naomi was viciously attacked by a group of girls from her school. If the malicious beating wasn’t enough, a video of the altercation was then posted to Twitter by the assailants, according to the Mirror.
Several months after the fact, life for Naomi and her family has changed drastically. “Things are just different now, I don’t go to school, I don’t hang out with my other friends,” the 14-year-old told Fox 4, while her mother wiped away tears.
Naomi has been in and out of doctors’ offices for months, her medical bills approaching $40,000. 
Perhaps the most alarming element of this story is that the assailants, all minors, have yet to be charged. Naomi’s father, Wayne, is in the midst of bringing a lawsuit upon Deanna Kirgis, whose house the alleged attack took place at, reports The Sun.
Heidi Embley, the Anchorage School District spokeswoman, claimed that the school was working closely with authorities to sort things out, according to Fox 4. And while the police claim to have seen the video, their investigation is moving along slowly – much to the dismay of Wayne and Monica Johnson.
“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare,” Caroline Flynn began the Fox 4 telecast. After watching mere seconds of the harrowing video, it’s hard to dispute Flynn’s claim.
Be aware, the contents of the video are grisly.