‘Gold Rush’ star Todd Hoffman sings hauntingly beautiful rendition of ‘Sound Of Silence’


I bet you’ve heard many covers of “Sound of Silence” before. However, the rendition you’re about to listen to is one of the most amazing ones we’ve ever heard. In 2017, Todd Hoffman, known from ‘Gold Rush’, gave the song a new quality with his performance.

Todd Hoffman, a star from ‘Gold Rush’, performed the song that took many people by surprise. The Discovery Channel star is known for gold mining, being a business man and a family man. He also has an epic beard.

What fans didn’t know was he also has an amazing singing voice. He let his voice shine when he and a friend recorded him singing the song. We are blown away by his voice and hope to see more to come from him in the near future!

Hoffman claimed it was not an easy song to perform. It was a tough performance for him. It was also a huge feat. He performs the song with a rough and powerful voice and yet still hits the high notes like a professional. Listening to this, you can forget that he is not a trained singer.

What do you think of Todd Hoffman’s voice? What else would you like to hear from him in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments, and show this to a friend who had no idea Todd could sing!