> Grandma’s Pit Bulls Suddenly Start Barking Near Grand Kids…She Looks And Her Heart Stops

Grandma’s Pit Bulls Suddenly Start Barking Near Grand Kids…She Looks And Her Heart Stops


Dogs aren’t called “man’s best friends” for nothing.

They’re fantastic companions, of course, but they can also prove to be protectors and even lifesavers.

In fact, owning certain dogs when you have kids around is probably a very good idea.

Just ask a Florida woman who will be forever grateful that she owns two ferociously loyal pit bulls.


One Sunday morning, Melissa Butt’s grandchildren were outside playing.

Zayden was four years old and little Mallory was only one year old. They were just out in the lawn and everything seemed peaceful.

Suddenly, Melissa’s two dogs, Slayer and Paco, started barking like crazy.


Melissa couldn’t see what they were barking at, so she came outside to get a closer look…and that’s when she saw it:

A huge copperhead snake sitting in the grass just a few feet from her grandkids!

Slayer and Paco engaged in a quick battle with the venomous snake, all to protect the children.

Both dogs were unfortunately bitten but eventually, the protectors won out. The aptly named Slayer finally killed the intruder.


Afterward, both dogs were rushed to the vet and were treated with antivenom.

Paco had been bitten in the leg and spent one night in the hospital, but Slayer had suffered some deep wounds to his face and nose.

Even so, Slayer too returned home later without any lasting consequences for his good deed.


Little Zayden told her grandma:

Slayer protects me. Slayer protects us.

Yes, he does, Zayden.

And as Melissa wrote on Facebook:

They are my boys, my protectors.

Our family is beyond grateful for everyone that has helped us care for our heroes.

We feel blessed that the dogs took the “bite” for the family instead of one of the kids and further blessed by the love, prayers and support from all!!!


Our canine friends are always there for us, aren’t they?

These two dogs should get some kind of medal!