Grandpa is about to pass, so he makes family the perfect gift for them to remember him


It’s hard to cope with the passing of our loved ones. We all mourn and grieve the loss, and we pray and wish that a miracle will happen. But for one grandpa, he decided to do something in advance of his death to make the process easier on his family.

He created a pillow using his favorite shirt. While it may seem like an odd gift to you, you need to see what the grandpa’s reasoning behind the gift was. It’s touching enough that I cried a bit while reading it. I recently lost a grandparent, so I can completely empathize with this gift.

It’s not the most conventional or traditional memorial, but it’s unique and sweet, just like the grandpa who made it.


The message on the pillow says:

This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, know that I am there. Love, Grandad xx

While this family will surely miss their dear grandfather’s presence, this pillow is a constant reminder of his beautiful soul. Hugging this pillow will be the equivalent of hugging grandpa. It’s difficult to cope with the lost of our loved ones, but with priceless gifts like this, it makes the mourning much more bearable.

Although people pass and we grow older, precious gifts and memories like this pillow will always stay with us.

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