Grocery Store Employee Reveals Bread Tag Color Trick Everyone Should Know


You probably have household items that have tags and symbols on them that you don’t think twice about. It’s the information that’s always been there. Did you know that some of our daily products and even garments have secret uses that you might not have known about? For instance, you see a lot of winter hats that have pom poms at the top. Even if it appears to be a decoration, it turns out that there is a real use for that. When you watch this video below, you may be surprised!


On the back of your liquid products, there is a symbol that reads ’12M’, or perhaps even ’24M’. Along with the list of ingredients and directions for use, the symbol seems unimportant. But it’s actually telling you about the lifespan of your product. And because we use multiple liquid-based products a day, like shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorants, lotions, and skin care products, it is helpful to keep track of when products will expire past recommended use.


There is another way to keep track of the lifespan of your products and goods. Everyone is familiar with the symbol for recycling; three arrows that form a triangle. Inside the triangle is a number that tells you if the product is safe for storing food or liquids inside for a long period of time. But the different numbers mean different things – watch the video to know which numbers are safe. Below, you will find out the secret to the colored tags on bread, and other useful information you will probably end up using!