The beautiful couple, Jessica and Jefferson, stood at the altar surrounded by family and loved ones, and Jefferson began a speech he had prepared for the occasion. He explained that although he loved his future wife, there was another girl who also captured his heart, and she was in that same room.

The audience was shocked – until Jefferson turned to eight-year-old Giovanna.

Jessica had a daughter from a previous relationship, so she was stunned when Jefferson suddenly knelt down in front of her.

Anyone who grew up in a blended family with children from different relationships and multiple mothers and fathers knows that it can be difficult to develop a close relationship with someone who is not directly related to you. But Jefferson wanted to make sure there was no doubt in Giovanna’s mind that Jefferson wanted to be a good father to her.

With everyone watching, Jefferson promised to love not only Jessica but also Giovanna. The original video is in Portuguese, but below is a translation of Jefferson’s promise to Giovanna:

“If I could ask God for anything, it would be for you to be my daughter. I would be the proudest father in the world to have a beautiful, intelligent, educated daughter like you… I give you love too , my love, to always take care of you, always protect you and never leave Nothing bad happens to you.”

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