If Your Hands Are ALWAYS Cold, This Secret Vinegar Trick Will Work Wonders!


Winter is coming! If you’re not cold yet, chances are you will be. Snow is about to pile up, and keeping warm will suddenly become your new hobby!

If you’re like me, one of the first things to get cold for you is your fingers. I’m not sure why, but ever since I was young, my hands always get cold fast. I’ve tried those hand warmers you can buy at stores, but I hate the idea of throwing out those chemicals time and time again.

Which is why I’m so glad I stumbled on this video – did you know there’s a way to create a reusable hand warmer using only vinegar and boiling water? Hot ice, as it’s called, can heat up to 130 degrees, is completely non-toxic, and can be used time and time again! The best part is that it only takes about an hour to make!

Would you try something like this?

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