If It Happens On The Street You Can Just Walk By. What If You Can’t Walk Away?


STHLM Panda conducts social experiments.  In this particular one they have a man start abusing a woman as soon as another person steps in the elevator.  If you are stuck in an elevator with no where to go, do you act, or do you pretend nothing is wrong and get out of the situation as fast as you can?

Here at Viral Tales, we have posted videos with social experiments that involved a man abusing a woman out on the streets and everyone was quick to act.  Watch the video to see how reactions differ when you can’t avoid the situation.
While some of the video is not in English, the actions speak louder than words.  For those who are curious, here is the translation for the words you see on screen:
1st Black Screen: We set up a hidden camera in an elevator.
2nd Black Screen: We wanted to see if people would say something when one girl was exposed to violence.
3rd Black Screen: These are the reactions we got …
Ending Black Screen: 53 people walked into the elevator, only one said something.