Have You Heard THE Holiday Song Of 2014? HILARIOUS


Do you have someone in your life you really care about, but they drive you absolutely CRAZY with their terribly poor communication skills?!

You know the type… You show up with balloons on their birthday and they write on your Facebook wall for yours. You try to meet up for coffee and they attempt to catch up via text message. If you won’t be seeing them this holiday season or if you want a hilarious way to tell them they need to step it up, this video is the answer.

Hysterical and talented actress Kristen Bell teamed up with the awesome a cappella group Straight No Chaser to create THE holiday song of 2014. “Text Me Merry Christmas” is catchy and has amazing lyrics that perfectly describe modern-day communication. This year a Snapchat, Facebook message or a tweet just won’t suffice.

In a world where everyone is tied to their smartphones, but making a phone call is a thing of the past, apparently a text message holiday wish is as good as it gets! Either way, this song is hilarious and a great way to remind us of what’s most important during the holiday season.

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