Here’s The Scam That’s Happening At Grocery Stores All Across America. Can You Spot It? Find Out…


If you’ve ever had your wallet stolen or lost it, you know how stressful the situation can be.

But did you know that thieves have now learned a way to steal your ATM information without even getting their hands on your card?

While identity theft runs rampant online, this threat isn’t on your computer. It actually happens at all the grocery stores and retailers in your home town and around the country.

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Anywhere you see a keypad to enter your debit card PIN, you could be at risk of having your information stolen.

There’s a new threat out there to your identity and Jet propulsion laboratory engineer Mark Rober explains just how serious this problem is.

If a thief has an iPhone, they can steal your PIN information – even if you shield the keypad with your hand.

Rober shows how a new device allows iPhone users to detect infrared. That means a thief can tell which buttons you pressed even just seconds before.

And these infrared cameras can be bought at any Apple store for just a few hundred dollars and they look just like a normal iPhone case.

How do you protect against the infrared camera? Simply rest your fingers on other numbers while you type your pin code.

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