Here’s The Shirt His Principal Said He Had To Take Off Or Get Suspended. When You See It? FIRE HIM


Gun violence in the United States has been on an exponential rise in the past years, and people are getting very nervous about it.  There has been extensive legislation passed concerning what students can bring to school, and the type of appropriate dress.

One 13 year old boy from Oregon named Alan Holmes wanted to show support for his brother serving as a Marine, so he wore a T Shirt representing his admiration, and instead got penalization.

The shirt that Alan wore said, “Standing for those who stood for us.” representing his support for troops fighting overseas.  On the shirt, there was an image of the famous “battlefield cross” which depicts a rifle in boots with a helmet on top.

By fourth period, the vice principal at Dexter McCarty Middle School approached him, and told Alan that he had to change what he was wearing or suffer an in school suspension.

Alan says that his shirt is a statement of support, not violence.  His shirt does not in any way portray gun violence, gang affiliation, or bullying, so technically there should be nothing wrong with it.

However, administrators say that due to the zero tolerance policy, the shirt is not suited for a school environment, and that Alan cannot wear it ever again.

Alan’s older brother also serves in the Marines, and says that Alan’s standing up for what he believes in is amazing, and that he supports him in every way possible.

If you want to find out more about the discourse between Alan and his school district, you can find out more in the video below and let us know if you think it is suitable for Alan to wear his shirt in a school setting in the comments below!