> Hero Mom Saves 8-Year-Old Boy Hit In The Chest With Baseball

Hero Mom Saves 8-Year-Old Boy Hit In The Chest With Baseball


Maureen Renaghan was watching her son’s little league game one day, when she witnessed the unthinkable. An 8-year-old boy named Ian was getting ready to steal third base when the baseball slammed into his chest. The boy fell to the ground. The mother instantly knew something was wrong.

“I saw this beautiful child on the ground, and you think of your own children, and I think any mother would do the same thing,” Mauren said. “I just ran and just tried to save him.”

While her husband dialed 911, she rushed over to Ian. His eyes were open and he wasn’t moving. His heart had completely stopped. Maureen had taken a CPR class 20 years before, but she never had to use her skill. Maureen got on her knees and pushed into his chest. Then she tried mouth-to-mouth, and after four breaths, Maureen felt a heartbeat.

“On the fourth puff, he choked and I felt a heartbeat and he turned over and threw up,” she says. Maureen saved his life and within a few days, Ian’s mother said he was already jumping around like a jelly bean.

“I’m forever in her debt,” the boy’s mother, Lisa McGreevy said. “I thank God she was there because I don’t know what would’ve happened if she wasn’t.”

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