In the city of Panchkula, India, a gripping video has emerged capturing the courageous rescue of a female driver trapped in her car. The intense situation unfolded as both the driver and her mother faced peril when their vehicle was engulfed by a swiftly surging river.

Online Sensation: Viral Video Captures Brave Locals Rescuing Two Women from Car Submerged in Raging River

Avishek Dey’s online video has caught the attention of countless netizens as it documents a heart-stopping moment of a united group of men coming together to rescue two individuals trapped in a car. In a distressing turn of events, a young woman and her mother, who had visited a renowned temple nearby, found themselves in peril as their car was mercilessly swept away by a raging river. Acting swiftly, the locals rallied together, utilizing ropes to form a human chain that led to the vehicle. Through their combined efforts, they successfully saved both women from the treacherous waters. Witness the gripping footage of this dramatic rescue in India, as heroic locals spring into action to retrieve the endangered duo from their perilous ordeal.

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