He’s Tortured By Bullies—Until He Does THIS, And Teaches EVERYONE A Lesson


WestJet’s latest ad features a London high school student who reacted to bullying in the most amazing way possible. Josh Yandt explains that after his father died, he was left heartbroken. Not only was he depressed and feeling alone, he was bullied by his peers at school. But one day, he decided tostand up to his bullies by opening doors — literally.

The video shows him greeting his fellow students with a simple phrase — “Let me get that for you” — as he hold the doors open for his classmates. This simple kind gesture helped positively turn his life around. The kids at school started noticing him, and they realized just how lucky they were to have someone like Yandt.

“I was sick and tired of being a no one. I wanted to be someone. And I wanted to reach out to people and show who I was,” Yandt said in the video. “Being nice should be the norm. It’s not something I expected to stand out.”

The kindness didn’t end there. You won’t believe how his classmates decided to thank him. It’ll bring you to tears!

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